Live Casino:

As those who know would testify, playing an online live casino feels like being on a real casino floor. With highly professional live dealers, not to mention an ever-growing list of live games, live online casinos are the closest thing to those brick-and-mortar casino premises in great gambling destinations, such as Vegas. And even more impressive is the fact that most online live casinos have a broad and colourful choice of games, including classics such as poker, baccarat, roulette, and blackjack (in different versions).

What is Live Online Casino?

A live casino is a combination of both brick-and-mortar and online casino experiences. It resembles the ordinary online casino in many ways, including the game board and computer-generated graphics. However, live dealer games are real; they are not computer-generated. Additionally, players square out with either human dealers or fellow players (depending on the live game being played) in real-time, and there is a live video stream broadcasting all the actions of the dealer. Chatting with the dealer or fellow players is also supported. Considering the huge investment that goes into running a live casino, chances are that only serious casino providers can offer live dealer games. It is almost impossible for small providers to own and run live casinos.

Why Play Live Casino

With live casinos, it is almost unheard of for players to leave their homes for expensive trips to real-life casinos. Instead, players can experience a real-life casino thrill in their houses. What a game-changer! Here is why a live casino is a must for every gambler:

Live casinos have a human face: While virtual casino games are still top-rated, the fact remains that most casino players want to see who they are dealing with online. With live casinos, players can see the human face on the other end of the platform, and this gives them a sense of online security, considering that fact that the internet is known for fraudsters (despite all the goodies it brings forth).

Professional and honest gaming environment: Live casino gamers are allowed to see everything that happens on the real casino floor, whether it is dealing cards, spinning the wheel, calling bets, or announcing winners. There is nothing to hide at all. Besides, the croupiers are highly trained in what they do, and their work is done with a high standard of professionalism. Typically, the croupier courteously welcomes the players and congratulates winners.

Gaming with a social touch: Live casino gaming allows players to socialise with their counterparts through chats. The presence of other players at the table is fun in itself, and players can also engage in a conversation with the croupier. Courtesy of those chats, players can create a good relationship with the croupiers. Gamblers feel more comfortable and secure when dealing with a familiar face.

Where to Play Live Casino

A screen, an internet connection, and a microphone are all that players need to play live casino games; a webcam is not necessary at all. Any good browser can do a fantastic job, whether it is Chrome or Mozilla. And while the majority of players use their PCs, most live casinos are mobile-friendly and allow players to enjoy the experience on their smartphones and tablets. But before players can start playing live casino games, they must create a player account with any of the online casinos that offer live dealer games. Yes, this may be a way of the sites getting players to commit, but it proves crucial in the long run; important because players will be able to keep track of their winnings, game time, and even bankrolls.

How to Play Roulette Live Casino

Playing at a live roulette casino is just like playing roulette in a real-life casino. It is immersive and interactive, and players get to experience what it is like to play the game in Las Vegas, without being physically present in the city. With live roulette casinos found all over on the web, all the players need to do to start playing is to sign up with a site that ticks all the boxes in terms of live gaming best practices. The site has to be legitimate and fair, and it should guarantee an enjoyable gaming experience.

Live roulette, just like its real-life version, offers a variety of ways to win. It is also engaging and requires players to make quick decisions. And with the rules of the game being the same irrespective of the version (live or real-life), live roulette is easy to play. Typically, all the players at the table are allowed a fixed time to place bets, after which the wheel is spun by the dealer. When the wheel stops, the winning number is called, and the winner(s) is/are paid. It is as simple as that.

How to Play Blackjack

While spinning the wheel feels good, no live game is as popular as live blackjack. In live blackjack, players lock horns with the dealer, interacting with them, and watching them in real-time and in the flesh. In this seemingly “bruising” battle where the player and the dealer try to outwit each other, the rules of the game never change; players need to beat the dealer’s hand and avoid going over 21. To win at blackjack, one needs both skill and ability to make intelligent decisions. And when luck comes in, the real value of the game comes into play as the dealer congratulates the winner.

How to Play Live Poker at a Casino

Live poker is played in the same format as real-life poker. This is a game where a combination of luck, experience, and skill is essential when it comes to winning. With live poker, players enjoy a thrilling adventure as it appears as though they are playing in a real-life casino environment. All participants are human players playing against each other, and they can chat with each other, making the atmosphere even more exciting. Players need to either coerce their opponents into folding or gather a winning combination of cards from those opponents.